fast as lightning

the quicker you can get content online,
the quicker you can sell your product

In the retail world, speed to market is everything. The quicker you get your products online, the quicker you can sell them.

VendorPath is a cloud-based solution uniquely created for Retailers. Streamlining the process of sourcing and loading product information, your products can get to your customers even faster.

Integrated with retail merchandising systems, VendorPath automates the requesting and processing of images and copy from your vendors (suppliers). The software enables vendors to upload large quantities of images in batches and validates them to ensure they meet the minimum specifications.

The content is then routed to the relevant retail approvers and quick smart you can load your content. VendorPath also has built-in tools that enable you to crop image and create swatches with complete ease.

VendorPath’s Key Features

hundreds of images, processed in minutes

Vendorpath working harder for you

integrates with leading e-commerce platforms

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vendorpath benefits for both retailers & vendors

David Jones has made great efficiency gains by introducing VendorPath to their workflow.

David Jones was able to increase their number of products online by 1200% — up from 1,000 products per month to 12,000 per month.

The average time taken to source, process and load new products has dropped, getting products online quicker, which benefits both the vendor and retailer.

Who uses VendorPath?

The Smart. The Knowledgeable. The wise.

Retailers from across the marketplace are letting VendorPath handle the hard work — greatly reducing their content sourcing headaches, and their overheads.

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